Our Summer school modules are essentially leisure learning modules, where participants take a mini holiday or break to learn something new, explore their creativity over a broad range of materials and creative courses, all the while in the company of like minded people, on a mission to socially engage, have fun, enjoy the offerings while learning, creating, contemplating. The modules are based around art and nature topics, bringing in to play the vast and rich natural environment of Loophead itself, its exceptional coastline, brimming sealife and bountiful, colourful hedgerows and moorlands. Carmel Madigan, a professional visual artist facilitates several art programmes, ranging from the exploration of Japanese Art, Tea, Philosophy & Art, Project Arts and always seeking to add new modules. Philosophy is based arount the Artist Way, a worldwide best selling module by Julia Cameron as well as on the thought processes of several world famous artists and creatives. The exceptionally rich hedgerows provide an abundance and diversity of leaves for blending fresh leaf teas, the making of useful tinctures and several other harvested uses. On the shoreline at Ross, at least 85 seaweeds have been identified and researched over a range of habitats, and their uses and process of harvesting are shown to participants. Seaweed cooking sessions and exhibitions are held at the hedge school. The images shown here bring into play the natural riches of Loophead, the creative output of the participants and the hedge school and social engagement that brings so many returning participants each year. ENJOY!

Ambassador Kitano - Japan with Carmel Madigan at Launch of Exhibition - December 2019

The opening of the 'Great Artists of the Ocean' Exhibition featuring Japanese Artists: Hiroshige and  Hokusai - by Ambassador Kitano, Japan December 2019 - Barefield Art project, designed and curated by Carmel Madigan